Parts Washer Degreaser Fluid Clarkes 5L

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Non Bio-degradable

Contains 5-15% Soap, Non Ionic Detergents.

1-5% Anionic Detergents

Also Contains Solvents

Orange terpene, Niltrilo Triacetic acid Salts, Preservative.

50-1 with water or neat

Everyday use 1 part product to 10 parts Water.

Parts Washer Fluid

Ideal for use in a range of parts washers, these highly effective degreasers / cleaners are available in ready to use or concentrated versions

This listing is for the 5 litre concentrated version

Flexible use heavy duty degreaser/cleaner, non flammable and bio-degradable

Method Of Use

This product can be applied at a dilution of 50 to 1 with water, or neat, depending on the severity of the soiling.

Everyday use normally requires a dilution of 1 part product to 10 parts water.

All Dilutions are safe on paintwork

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