SB10 Abrasive Blaster Pot. Mattis Restoration

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The SB10 is a media blasting pot and is not recommended to use with Soda

Pressurised pots give 30% more power than a usual suction fed pot.
Suitable for vast types of jobs and projects allowing most of our expendable media to run through.
Equipped with the new style blasting gun making blasting that bit more easy compared to the old valve styled guns.


Safety pressure release valve, 3/8in. Brass valves for air throttling and sand metering.
Heavy duty 3/8in hose 8ft long with carbon steel shut off gun with 4 inter changeable nozzles.
Water trap type push button to drain
Pressure gauge indicator 0~125psi


Tank Diameter 12"

 83cm H x 48cm L x 33cm W

Work pressure 60-125psi & 18+cfm

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